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How A Mompreneur Honors Her Daughter With Down Syndrome"

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WaterTower Theatre Looks Beyond the Baby in a Manger with ‘Jesus Christ Superstar'


'Changed my life for the better': What people with Down syndrome (and their families) wish you knew


The Workforce Needs People with Down syndrome Now more than ever.

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Communications pro offers up some lessons learned to bring a brand to the next level

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Local Theater Pays Tribute To Ella Fitzgerald’s 1960 Holiday Album


"Feleceia Benton: Lighting the Runway for Models with Down Syndrome"


"Meet Feleceia Benton of Zoe Communications Agency"


"Meet Feleceia + Zoe, the Entrepreneur Mom and her Daughter"

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Ep 21: Raising Girls with Special Needs with Feleceia Benton

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Episode #46- Feleceia Benton

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"Feleceia Benton towers memorably as the kind-hearted but commanding burlesque theater matron Medda."


Feleceia Benton is a forceful Aida, her mezzo voice throaty at the edges when she sings of her home in “The Past is Another Land.”


Family and sugar — lots of it — drive this fierce Dallas actress

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