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Keep Your Grind: I'd Rather Stare at Horses

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

I'd love to get there faster, but I'd also like to live.

Living is good.

You guys can have the words hustle + grind. I don't want em'.

And honestly, I've become rather unmoved by your sense of urgency to accomplish your next thing.

For what?

WHAT ARE WE ALL HURRYING FOR?!?! The grind will still be there tomorrow. It came a long time ago and it seems to have never left.

If it doesn't make impact, I'm not interested. And if you're gonna drive me crazy because you're anxious to do the thing, I'm not the one.

This weekend, I did the following bits of nothingness: - ate 9 courses of deliciousness in one sitting - took a pic in front of a giant eyeball - hung out with the niece for her birthday [I can't believe she's not a teenager!! 😢] - breakfasted with some dear friends - did a little scholarahip research - took myself to the movies - sang songs with my Papa - had a family day at the horse races - had a full on two-hour convo with my eldest nephew -- face-to-face.

And opened my computer never.

I ignored emails and phone calls and text messages and Facebook notifications and other dinging sounds made by this noisy mini-computer.

It was awesome.

Because as much as I love my work, my work doesn't bring me life. "Doing life" with people brings me life.

Life is a blink, and absolutely no one gets to stay here. So, I'd rather take pride in knowing my tribe deeply and intimately, than pride myself on running the rat race at the sacrifice of the one body I've been gifted.

Y'all can have that. I'm good.

I just wanna slow down and play my part - however great, or however small.

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