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Zoe's New Room

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Goal numero uno of the new year for me began back in October when I decided that it was time for #ZoeElisia to have her own room. Seven years sharing the same space with her momma, though both bond conducive and cost effective, finally seemed long enough. 

One idea. A whole lotta steps. 

My focus shifted from the immediate day-to-day tasks to ensuring my self-employed self had all the contracts in place to cover my Operation Get Zoe a Room initiative. And thankfully, those efforts paid off -- literally. [Thank you Jesus!!]

But looking back now from point Z all the way to point A, I learned more than a few lessons, my favorite being that it's nearly impossible to accomplish goals solo dolo.

From the helping hands that packed closets and bathrooms and kitchens, to the shoppers and setter-uppers who made Zoe's new digs so beautiful, to the eyes who watched the princess herself while mom packed up our lives, to the more than timely Christmas gifts that made our new shift a little easier to handle, to the phone calls from friends from afar who ensured I maintained my sanity, to the clients who signed contracts that made mommy feel a little more confident about our next big faith step, to the daddy who still behaves like a daddy and makes sure his daughter is "good" in every capacity of the word , and most importantly to the only wise God who gave all the green lights AFTER I took the first step and every human in between-- this girl in this bed in this room might not have happened without each and every contribution to the goal made by so many people other than me. 

So -- as you set your goals into motion for this year, consider those around you. And if and when necessary, ask for help, and say thank you. 

Thank you. 

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