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Apparently, District Attorneys are humans, too.

There's rarely a time I'm afforded the chance to sit with a government official that I don't walk away feeling like I've got so much to learn. 🤯

After our team did a shoot for Representative Carl Sherman on policing with Dallas DA John Creuzot and Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, the DA granted me a few moments for an interview for our platform. That's a series that @teamzoecomm does with our friend, @kristinkschell

I'm really excited for you to see it.

We talked about a number of things - how the DAs office works, scarcity in communities, how education impacts the criminal justice system...seriously, so much in so little time.

Honestly, I could have talked for hours. #CauseAWomansGotQuestions 😁

If you've got any heart whatsoever toward making your neighborhood, your community better, might I encourage you to seek out more info?

Government is a complicated beast, and so often I believe we make assumptions off of our limited knowledge. But, the more we know, the more we can participate in making our neighborhoods and communities better.


*also, we were masked until we faced forward for this pic 😊

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