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when mommy feels all the feels

#ZoeElisia - she has a heightend sensitivity on days when mom is feeling some sorta way. Today, mommy feels everything.

She's clingy, and kissy, and extra sweet. She lap sits and tries to avoid my parental triggers. She knows them all too well.

She also makes it nearly impossible to get any work done. At. All.

Funny how our children feel us and pick up on the unspoken sentiments of the atmosphere. The world I create for her today in our little home for 2, the world in which she *feels* today and everyday, will impact how she experiences and feels the world for forever.

I am chiefly responsible for that - how she sees the world. And some of you, some of you are responsible for that, too, whether you are aware of it or not.

Today is a good day to talk to your little ones about how to be friends with my little one. Not only is she a little brown skinned girl, she's also missing some fingers and is not yet the best at making sentences and is a little shorter than the average 10-year old. And she comes from a home of one.

She's got a lot of different going on, and yet she's sensitive to her momma and the humans that she loves.

I love the gift of that kind extra chromosome. We could all use a spare chromosome right now.

There's nothing I want more than to protect her sweet innocence on days like today.

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