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but what about a reconciled community?

I remember coming back home from college and seeing that all the white folks were gone.

Like, gone.

I grew up with lots and lots of people that didn't look like me.

As a matter of fact, when my family moved to a southern suburb of Dallas, people that looked like me were few and far between.

As I got closer and closer to my high school graduation, the city was becoming more and more "diverse." I went to college, came back, and the city looked nothing like I'd known.

How many of us can honestly say that we live in areas where the people around us come from all walks of life? Unless you live in a city center, this is probably not true.

It's the nature of how communities are buily.

I shared *lots* of thoughts on this topic just a couple years ago, thanks to a video I'd heard by @mattchandler74 -- click this link to hear my thoughts about a #reconciled community.

I've got lots of thoughts on this. Hope to share more over the coming weeks + months... #blm#community#concilation#georgefloyd

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